Apr 29
assorted rural mailboxes in Corrales

Corrales Mailboxes

Rural mailboxes in Corrales. They are almost a thing of a past, having mostly been replaced by the Postal Service with ugly large “mailbox units.”

Apr 22
a larger than life size puppet in front of the san felipe de neri church in old town albuquerque

San Felipe de Neri Church and Puppet

Yesterday featured a Founders Day celebration in Old Town Albuquerque, commemorating Albuquerque’s 306th anniversary along with the 100th anniversary of New Mexican statehood. There were a number of larger-than-life-size “puppets” hanging around Old Town, representing Albuquerque’s wide diversity of peoples. I didn’t catch the full name of the puppet-maker but believe his/her last name is Zamora.

Apr 08
multi-colored tulips


Spring is in full flower in Albuquerque these days — just in time for Easter!

Apr 01
Cottonwoods reflected in the water of a ditch.

Corrales Ditch Reflections

Close enough to spring for the mustard weed to flourish — yet the cottonwoods, reflected in a Corrales ditch, are still bare.