It’s been a great late summer for moonflowers (aka jimsonweed, aka sacred datura — which is how I most often think of it).

East Fork of the Jemez

East Fork of the Jemez

I suppose you could say the East Fork of the Jemez is my favorite body of water. It’s actually a very modest little babbling brook that’s easily crossed on foot in most places, most times of the year, so “body of water” is perhaps too grand a characterization — but I do love every inch I’ve ever seen of it. This shot shows what I think of as a fairly typical Jemez “tent” rock along the stream, on a late summer afternoon.

Globemallow Leaf With Beetle

Milkweed Beetle on Globemallow Leaf

It’s one of the loveliest late summers ever. After an incredibly dry winter, spring, and early summer, we’ve had tons of rain over the last 6 or 7 weeks — which was sorely needed. We’ve had a break from the heat too, and the Sandia foothills are now filled with blooming wildflowers; globemallow (orange) and verbena (pink/purple) in this photo. The beetle, which complements the globemallow perfectly, might be called a milkweed beetle. I won’t swear to that, and you probably shouldn’t either.

Sandia Sunflowers

Sunflowers in the Sandias

I’ve never met a sunflower I didn’t love, and 2018 has been a great year for them. These were growing wild in the Sandia mountains.

Old Pecos River Bridge

Wooden bridge over the Pecos River at Terrero

An old wooden bridge at Terrero, over the Pecos; I took the photo from a newer (not-so-pretty) bridge. Yes, it really is wooden. I even walked across it and it felt quite stable. But no way would I take a car over it..

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