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Meadow View With Wild Irises

Irises high in the Sandias

One of my all-time favorite views (I probably post a photo of this area every single summer), this time with late-blooming irises. Seems like everything bloomed pretty late this year.

Old Church in Taiban

Old Church in Taiban

An old — and much photographed — church in Taiban, along US Highway 60.

La Ventana: The Big View

El Malpais: La Ventana

La Ventana — “the window” in Spanish — is part of El Malpais National Monument, near Grants. Those sandstone bluffs are endlessly fascinating to me.

Rio Puerco Valley Landscape

Rio Puerco Landscape

A classic Rio Puerco valley scene, with Cabezon nestled between and behind two other volcanic plugs. It is said that this area was incredibly green and lush just 150 years ago — it’s very hard to imagine. I think it’s one of the driest parts of New Mexico now.

Setting Sun on the Sandias

Setting Sun on the Sandias

I care less and less for winter with each passing year. This one has been particularly tough for me because it’s been colder than usual. (But also wetter than usual — and I’m so very grateful for that!)

On the other side of the coin, it’s right around this time of the year that the light from the setting sun is most beautiful on the Sandias. I fall for that soft warm light every time.

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