Category: Big Sky

Moonset Over the Rio Grande

Moonset Over the Rio Grande

A just-past-full moon right before it sets over the Rio Grande in Albuquerque (one of this January’s two super moons).

The Sun Sets on Yet Another Year

Pond at sunset, with migrating birds

Cranes, geese, ducks and maybe even starlings fly over a pond at the Bernardo Waterfowl Management Area.

Cottonwoods Along the Rio Grande

Cottonwoods in Fall Along the Rio Grande

The Rio Grande reflects the fall colors of cottonwoods in the bosque.

Jemez in Fall: Highway 4

Highway 4 in Fall

A classic Jemez scene along Highway 4 during the fall.

Lilly and Joelly Bee

Lilly and Joelly Bee hot air balloons

There’s something so endearing about the little bee hot air balloons. They’re a family of three, but the dad (Joey) was missing when I took this photo at the Balloon Fiesta. What I couldn’t possibly have seen at the time (and what’s difficult to see in this view) was that the pilots were clearly talking to one another. I love this view and now strongly suspect the positioning wasn’t just a coincidence.

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