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Prickly Pear Blossom with Butterfly

Prickly Pear Blossom with Butterfly

I saw some prickly pear blossoms with red-orange centers last year and have been eagerly keeping an eye on their location, hoping to see more this year. Alas, there’ve been only a handful of buds, and no flowers yet. So you can imagine how completely thrilled I was last week when I saw this single blossom in a totally different place. I sat down to take some photos (it was pretty close to the ground) and in the 10 minutes I spent there, all sorts of pollinators came to visit. One was this skipper butterfly (a duskywing, maybe?). For whatever reason, I was completely charmed by the spiral its proboscis created.

Sandia Hairstreak, 2018 Edition

Sandia Hairstreak

Despite this year’s extraordinarily warm and dry winter, Sandia hairstreak butterflies showed up right on time in the Sandia foothills — or at least this one did yesterday. I’m always happy to see my little friends.

Spike Verbena and Butterfly

Spike Verbena and Skipper

Spike verbena growing wild in the Sandia mountains and a skipper butterfly (I’m not sure what kind of skipper it is).

Hummingbird Moth

Hummingbird Moth with Transparent Wings

I found this most amazing creature in the high Sandias today. It’s a hummingbird moth, but not like others I’ve seen; this one has transparent wings.

Greenish Blue Butterfly

Greenish Blue Butterfly

A small butterfly in the Sangre de Cristos outside Santa Fe. It might be called a Greenish Blue — but then again, you probably shouldn’t trust my butterfly IDs.

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