Category: Fall

Rio Grande Bosque and Storm

Rio Grande Bosque and Storm

A fierce storm brews over the Sandia mountains as the Rio Grande winds its placid way through Albuquerque’s golden bosque.

Bridge Over the Rio Grande

Bridge Over the Rio Grande at Pilar

Fall trees and a bridge in Pilar are reflected in the (not so) mighty Rio Grande.

Bosque Cottonwoods

Rio Grande Bosque in Fall

The cottonwoods in the Rio Grande bosque are really beautiful right now.

Guadalupe Box

Rio Guadalupe Box

One of my favorite places in the Jemez — the Rio Guadalupe, running through the Guadalupe Box (aka Guadalupe Gorge).

Carpet of Leaves

leaf-strewn trail in Sangre de Cristos

A lovely trail outside Santa Fe, carpeted with fallen aspen leaves.

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