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Heron in the Rio Grande

Heron in the Rio Grande

A heron sunning itself in a shallow area of the Rio Grande as it passes through Albuquerque.

The End of Fall

Fallen Leaves

It was snowy and windy this morning at my place. I walked over to visit a neighbor — and saw this pile of leaves blown against a fence. This must surely be the last of the fall colors.

Ferns and Lichens

Ferns and Lichens

I love both lichens and ferns, really love them, and was thrilled to see them side-by-side in the Sandia foothills earlier this month. Both always seem to grow on the north side of rocks in the foothills, in the shade, and that makes it fairly difficult to get a good photo of them together. On this particular day, however, I was using a rented lens — much better than the equipment I usually use — and managed to get a few decent shots.

Cottonwood Leaves and Tiny Tram

Fall Cottonwood Leaves and Distant Tram

Probably the last of the fall color for this year (sob!). I took this photo on the aptly named Cottonwood Springs Trail at Elena Gallegos Picnic Area. The light was hitting that teeny tiny tram car just right.

Last Sunflower Bud

Sunflower Bud

I think I may have mentioned before that there’s virtually no form of sunflowers that I don’t totally love. This little bud was one of the very last this year, I’m sure. I saw it on Halloween in the Rio Grande Bosque (northwest Albuquerque).

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