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East Fork of the Jemez

East Fork of the Jemez

I suppose you could say the East Fork of the Jemez is my favorite body of water. It’s actually a very modest little babbling brook that’s easily crossed on foot in most places, most times of the year, so “body of water” is perhaps too grand a characterization — but I do love every inch I’ve ever seen of it. This shot shows what I think of as a fairly typical Jemez “tent” rock along the stream, on a late summer afternoon.

Lone Aspen in Calaveras Canyon

Lone Aspen in Calaveras Canyon

A lone aspen, nestled within classic Jemez volcanic tuff, shows off its full spring foliage.

Aspens: Light and Shadow

Aspens: Light and Shadow

Sunlight bursting through aspens, along Forest Road 376 in the Jemez.

Jemez in Fall: Highway 4

Highway 4 in Fall

A classic Jemez scene along Highway 4 during the fall.

Jemez Halloween

Halloween Horse and Buggy Ride

There’s a really amazing Halloween/Dia de los Muertos display in the Jemez this year, on Highway 485 (to the Gilman Tunnels). The entrance features a very large skull:

Big Skull greets visitors to the Jemez Graveyard

There are real, honest-to-god gravestones:

Screeching and Reaching in the Jemez Graveyard

Many of the displays move:

Halloween Severed Head

And there’s much, much more.

Jemez Graveyard



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