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Rio Grande Bosque and Sandias

Rio Grande Bosque and Sandias

A lovely fall day along the Rio Grande as it runs through Albuquerque, surrounded by changing cottonwoods and with the Sandia mountains in the background.

Perea Nature Trail

Fall Colors Along the Perea Nature Trail in San Ysidro

I took a little stroll along the Perea Nature Trail (outside San Ysidro) late yesterday afternoon and thought the colors were especially pretty, with lots of yellow cottonwoods, orange salt cedar, and other vegetation. I know it’s not politically correct to like salt cedar — it’s a non-native, invasive species — but it sure is pretty in the fall.

Cumbres & Toltec Train, Fall Edition

Cumbres & Toltec, Fall Edition

The Cumbres & Toltec train steams through the blazing fall colors of scrub oak and aspen, north of Chama.

Scrub Oak and Conifers

Scrub Oak and Conifers

If you go up Highway 84 from Chama (NM) to Pagosa Springs (CO), you’ll go past land features that are classically New Mexican — such as this rock formation. Barely five minutes later, you’ll cross the state line into Colorado and find yourself surrounded by rocky mountain peaks — classic Colorado scenery. I was up there this past week and the scrub oak was just blazing, especially on the New Mexico side of the border. I’ve seldom seen it this colorful.

Mount Taylor and Wildflowers

Mt Taylor and Wildflowers

It was a remarkably wet and fertile late summer — especially considering how dry it was at the start. Here globemallow and a field of yellow wildflowers frame Mt. Taylor on the first day of fall.

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