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Happy Snowy New Year!

Snow in the Sandia Foothills

The new year blew in with high winds, cold temperatures — and more snow than we’ve seen in the Albuquerque area for 12 years. This late afternoon scene is one of my very favorite views of the Sandias, taken from the road going up to Bear Canyon. Grateful for a wonderful, moist start to the new year!

The End of Another Year

Clearing Storm Over the Sandias

It’s hard to believe yet another year is ending. Wishing you excellent health and great happiness in 2019.

Cottonwood Leaves and Tiny Tram

Fall Cottonwood Leaves and Distant Tram

Probably the last of the fall color for this year (sob!). I took this photo on the aptly named Cottonwood Springs Trail at Elena Gallegos Picnic Area. The light was hitting that teeny tiny tram car just right.

Rio Grande Bosque and Sandias

Rio Grande Bosque and Sandias

A lovely fall day along the Rio Grande as it runs through Albuquerque, surrounded by changing cottonwoods and with the Sandia mountains in the background.

Perea Nature Trail

Fall Colors Along the Perea Nature Trail in San Ysidro

I took a little stroll along the Perea Nature Trail (outside San Ysidro) late yesterday afternoon and thought the colors were especially pretty, with lots of yellow cottonwoods, orange salt cedar, and other vegetation. I know it’s not politically correct to like salt cedar — it’s a non-native, invasive species — but it sure is pretty in the fall.

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