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Snow and Ice in the Sandias

Icy Sandias

The large amount of snow and rain (at least in Albuquerque) that we’ve had since the beginning of the year seems incredibly auspicious. I’ve been antsy and hating winter, wanting to be able to get out more easily, and at the exact same time, I’m so unbelievably grateful for all the snow.

Happy Snowy New Year!

Snow in the Sandia Foothills

The new year blew in with high winds, cold temperatures — and more snow than we’ve seen in the Albuquerque area for 12 years. This late afternoon scene is one of my very favorite views of the Sandias, taken from the road going up to Bear Canyon. Grateful for a wonderful, moist start to the new year!

The End of Another Year

Clearing Storm Over the Sandias

It’s hard to believe yet another year is ending. Wishing you excellent health and great happiness in 2019.

Catwalk, Whitewater Canyon

Catwalk, Whitewater Canyon

I walked through Whitewater Canyon on the catwalk years ago … well, to be honest, it was decades ago. I’ve always wanted to go back but it’s been closed every time I’ve tried — seems as if the catwalk washes out every few years.

I finally got back there last week and wow! it was even better than I remembered it. It’s easy to see why it keeps washing out too — it goes through a very narrow slot. (You definitely wouldn’t want to be there if there was even a hint of rain.) And, after all my protestations of the last, no, really the last of the fall photos, here’s yet another. The canyon is lined with sycamores and it appears the leaves dropped only recently.

Heron in the Rio Grande

Heron in the Rio Grande

A heron sunning itself in a shallow area of the Rio Grande as it passes through Albuquerque.

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