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Lacey Cottonwood Leaf

Lacey Cottonwood Leaf

And a sunset sky, from the Rio Grande bosque just south of Albuquerque.

A Hint of Spring

Flower Show, Rio Grande Botanic Garden

As always at this time of the year I’m craving bright colors. I found them the other day at Abuquerque’s Rio Grande Botanic Garden — such a welcome break from the dull browns of a central New Mexican winter.

Winter: Rays of Sun

Rays of Sun

Really, there’s not tons of color during a central New Mexican winter — except during sunrise and sunset. This sunset shot was taken from the Sandia foothills a few weeks ago.

Dancing with the Cranes

Dancing With the Cranes

Alas, the sandhill cranes have already begun their northward migration.

Wintry Sunset Over the Sandias

Wintry Sunset Over the Sandias

Storm clouds over the Sandias are lit by the setting sun.