Category: Old/Weathered

Fallen Cottonwood Leaf in Ice

Fallen Cottonwood Leaf in Ice

A fallen cottonwood leaf entombed in ice in the middle Rio Grande Valley.

Light and Shadow in Las Cruces Plaza

Light and Shadow in Las Cruces Plaza

A beautiful sunny day, in the depth of winter, created fabulous shadows on this structure at the edge of the Las Cruces Plaza.

Bluebird at Valles Caldera

Bluebird on corral fence at Valles Caldera

I call him the bluebird of suspicion because he really didn’t want me to get very close. Nonetheless, I was able to sneak up on him, kinda sorta.

Only in New Mexico

Upside down federal government sign

On the scale of things we say “only in New Mexico” about, this upside-down governmental sign ranks pretty low. Even so, only in New Mexico.

Old Jemez Car

Old Car, Jemez

I love the way the rust on the car is the same color as the surrounding terrain. It’s as if it’s become part of the landscape and the landscape has become part of it.

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