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Lichen at La Ventana

Lichen on Sandstone

I often end up going by La Ventana (in El Malpais) around this time of the year; in fact, my very first post on this edition of New Mexico Photo Journal was of La Ventana. Looking at that post, I just realized the 10th anniversary of this edition of the blog was a couple of days ago — amazing! I would never have guessed I’d still be posting here regularly.

In any case, this year was no exception; I visited La Ventana a few days ago. It was cloudy and fairly dark and I didn’t take any photos of La Ventana itself that I haven’t taken before. However, I did kind of go wild with the lichen there. I’ve been obsessed with lichens for a while now and have refrained from posting most of the photos as I’ve taken of them. But I couldn’t resist this time — the colors and patterns of the underlying sandstone were so beautiful combined with the various lichens.

Rio Puerco Valley Landscape

Rio Puerco Landscape

A classic Rio Puerco valley scene, with Cabezon nestled between and behind two other volcanic plugs. It is said that this area was incredibly green and lush just 150 years ago — it’s very hard to imagine. I think it’s one of the driest parts of New Mexico now.

Bosque Tree at Sunset

Bosque Tree at Sunset

A bare tree in Albuquerque’s Rio Grande bosque. Hawks and eagles often hang out here.

Old Pecos River Bridge

Wooden bridge over the Pecos River at Terrero

An old wooden bridge at Terrero, over the Pecos; I took the photo from a newer (not-so-pretty) bridge. Yes, it really is wooden. I even walked across it and it felt quite stable. But no way would I take a car over it..

Old Gas Station, Northern NM

Old Gas Station, Northern NM

An old gas station — and equally old station wagon — are framed by a classic New Mexican sky and classic New Mexican weeds. It’s been an incredibly dry year so far.

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