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Sandia Hairstreak, 2018 Edition

Sandia Hairstreak

Despite this year’s extraordinarily warm and dry winter, Sandia hairstreak butterflies showed up right on time in the Sandia foothills — or at least this one did yesterday. I’m always happy to see my little friends.

Golden Hour in the Foothills

Golden Hour in the Foothills

After one of the driest winters ever, we’ve finally gotten a few dustings of snow in the Sandia foothills, and more (although perhaps not enough more) in the high mountains.

Hint of Fall

Osha Leaves, Late Summer

Osha leaves in the high Sandias. They’re always the first to start turning.

Sandia Wildflower Meadow

Field of Wildflowers on the East Side of the Sandias

A meadow on the east side of the Sandias, filled with late summer wildflowers.

Spike Verbena and Butterfly

Spike Verbena and Skipper

Spike verbena growing wild in the Sandia mountains and a skipper butterfly (I’m not sure what kind of skipper it is).

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