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Scrub Oak

Scrub Oak Leaf in Fall

Scrub oak high in the Sandias. It really blazed for a week or two this fall.

Mother Nature’s Botanic Garden

Whipple’s penstemons, with a background of nodding groundsel and some red berries whose name I don’t know, beckoned to me (and my camera) a couple of weeks ago in the high Sandias. Most of the wildflowers were gone when I was up there today — it’s definitely starting to feel like fall there.

Painted Lady and Spike Verbena

Painted Lady and Spike Verbena

A painted lady butterfly (Vanessa cardui) browsing on wild spike verbena in the high Sandia mountains.

Meadow View With Wild Irises

Irises high in the Sandias

One of my all-time favorite views (I probably post a photo of this area every single summer), this time with late-blooming irises. Seems like everything bloomed pretty late this year.

Wild Calypso Orchid

Wild Calypso Orchid

It would be so easy to miss this little wild orchid — it’s only about 4-5 inches high, at the most, and it nods down toward the ground. I definitely don’t see it every year but when I do, it’s always very high in the Sandias. It’s super-hard to get a good shot of it because it’s so close to the ground; let me just say that I really feel my age every time I try. The pain is well worth it though — it’s such a happy little flower!

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