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Summer Unfolding

Friday Evening in Downtown Albuquerque

It’s beginning to look an awful lot like summer in downtown Albuquerque. (Starting to feel like it too.)

Sandia Wildflower Meadow

Field of Wildflowers on the East Side of the Sandias

A meadow on the east side of the Sandias, filled with late summer wildflowers.

Spike Verbena and Butterfly

Spike Verbena and Skipper

Spike verbena growing wild in the Sandia mountains and a skipper butterfly (I’m not sure what kind of skipper it is).

Kiwanis Cabin

Kiwanis Cabin

Kiwanis Cabin is one of several stone cabins in the Sandias that were built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The CCC also built — with the use of dynamite in many areas — the La Luz trail. According to the Sandia Ranger District, “[t]he CCC was the greatest-ever conservation effort in American history.” I agree, and am grateful for their considerable efforts in the Sandia foothills and mountains.

Whipple’s Penstemons

Backlit Whipple's Penstemon

Whipple’s penstemons backlit by the late afternoon sun, high in the Sandia mountains.

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