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Last Sunflower Bud

Sunflower Bud

I think I may have mentioned before that there’s virtually no form of sunflowers that I don’t totally love. This little bud was one of the very last this year, I’m sure. I saw it on Halloween in the Rio Grande Bosque (northwest Albuquerque).

Summer Meets Fall

Woolly Mullein, Fourth of July Canyon

Woolly mullein still blooming in Fourth of July Canyon (Manzano Mountains). Rocky Mountain maple leaves give the background its red/orange hue.

McGaffey Meadow

McGaffey Meadow

Crazy late-season wildflowers and green grass in a meadow outside the mostly abandoned town of McGaffey (south of Ft. Wingate). The pink/purple flowers are thistles; I didn’t recognize the yellow flowers. And yes, that patch of yellow in the distance is a bunch of flowers too. Definitely not an everyday sight.



It’s been a great late summer for moonflowers (aka jimsonweed, aka sacred datura — which is how I most often think of it).

Globemallow Leaf With Beetle

Milkweed Beetle on Globemallow Leaf

It’s one of the loveliest late summers ever. After an incredibly dry winter, spring, and early summer, we’ve had tons of rain over the last 6 or 7 weeks — which was sorely needed. We’ve had a break from the heat too, and the Sandia foothills are now filled with blooming wildflowers; globemallow (orange) and verbena (pink/purple) in this photo. The beetle, which complements the globemallow perfectly, might be called a milkweed beetle. I won’t swear to that, and you probably shouldn’t either.

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