La Luz Viewpoint

I haven’t mentioned that I injured my right arm pretty badly while hiking about two months ago. Fortunately my camera was in its case and remained unscathed; I, however, took about 6 inches of skin off the underside of my arm. Thanks to truly outstanding medical care from the Presbyterian Wound Center, I’m well on the road to recovery.

Both my fitness and photography took a hit. I honestly haven’t felt much like taking photos since I hurt myself. Hiking was a total slog the first few weeks after I got back into it and I’m still struggling to get back to the fitness level I had before the accident. Last weekend I attempted the longest hike I’ve done since I injured myself: I went about 2½ miles up La Luz Trail (Sandias, outside Albuquerque). This is the scene that motivated me to go that far — one of my favorites.

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