Sandhill Crane Family

Sandhill Crane Family

A group of three cranes in the Rio Grande as it passes through Albuquerque. The middle crane is a juvenile.

Reakirt’s Blue (Butterfly)

Reakirts Blue Butterfly

It was an exceptionally long fall in the Sandia foothills this year. The chamisa bloomed well into November and butterflies were significantly more abundant than usual. My favorite was this beautiful male Reakirt’s Blue, which showed up just a few weeks ago.

Flying Snow Goose

Snow goose flying in front of a yellow cottonwood tree.

A snow goose at Bosque del Apache flies in front of a yellow cottonwood.

Fall Reflections, 2022 Edition

Tingley Beach Pond with Fall Reflections

Yellow cottonwoods are reflected in one of the ponds at Tingley Beach (Albuquerque).

Jemez River in Fall

Jemez River in Fall

Backlit cottonwoods glow along the Jemez River as it runs through San Diego Canyon.

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