Aluminum Yucca

Aluminum Yucca

This aluminum yucca, made from salvaged hollow aluminum fuel tanks from F-16s, is just east of Albuquerque, right off I-40. I’ve always wanted to take photos of it — especially at night, when it’s illuminated by multicolored LED lights — but I’ve never felt it was particularly safe to stop on the shoulder to get the shot. Yesterday a friend and I hiked through the Sandia foothills to see it … and i finally got my shot.

You can learn more about Aluminum Yucca (its name, really!) on the artist’s website.

Depredations of the New Mexico Sun

Studio La Luz in T or C, with faded paint

I went through T or C (Truth or Consequences) on my way home from Las Cruces this afternoon. I remembered taking a photo of a rainbow-colored building several years ago and wanted to see if it was still there. It was, but its colors weren’t nearly as vibrant as I remembered them. Most of those formerly bright and bold colors now show cracks, splotches, and other colors peeking through them.

I took the first photo just about six years ago and wasn’t surprised to see the sun damage. I am surprised it’s not more extensive — the New Mexico sun tends to age everything (including people) incredibly quickly.

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