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Calf Canyon / Hermit’s Peak Wildfire

Calf Canyon/Hermit's Peak Smoke Plume, April 21, 2022

New Mexico’s wildfire season is off to an early and roaring start. I was driving through the Rio Grande Gorge on Thursday when I saw this huge smoke plume, which I figured was from either the Calf Canyon or Hermit’s Peak wildfire (Sangre de Cristos).

We had some of the wildest, craziest winds I can remember the following day. They served to start something like 20 wildfires in the state; yesterday the Calf Canyon and Hermit’s Peak fires merged into a single, very large, mostly uncontained wildfire. There’s no rain forecast for the foreseeable future. 🙁

Late Winter Sunset

Sandia Foothills at Sunset

Late winter afternoon in the Sandia foothills, right before sunset.

New Year’s Day Sunset

New Year's Day Sunset

The new year brought us rain, snow, and some lovely clouds over the Sandias this evening.

Rio Chama Valley Sunrise

Rio Chama Valley Sunrise

A colorful sunrise in the Rio Chama Valley a few weeks ago.

Sandia Mountains: Fall Edition

Sandia Mountains: Fall Edition

One of my all-time favorite views from the east side of the Sandia Mountains, this time in its fall clothing. (You can see the summer version here.)

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