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San Lorenzo Canyon

San Lorenzo Canyon in Fall

I went down to San Lorenzo Canyon a few weeks back, when the cottonwoods were still yellow, and captured as many photos as I could.

Old San Ysidro Church (Corrales)

Old San Ysidro Church (Corrales)

This classic New Mexican church was built over 150 years ago. It hasn’t been used as a church for many years (even decades) now but is still lovingly maintained. Listed on both the State Register of Cultural Properties and the National Register of Historic Places, it’s become quite a bit more difficult to photograph without including all the attendant signage.

Manzanos: Rocky Mountain Maples

Rocky Mountain Maples in the Manzano Mountains

A gorgeous fall mix of colors in the Manzano mountains, accented by the red of Rocky Mountain maple leaves.

Fallen Autumn Leaves

Fallen Autumn Leaves -- detail

I’m pretty sure I post a photo similar to this one near the end of almost every fall. I love the color mix and randomness of these scenes.

Fall in the High Sandias

High Sandias in fall with a tiny tram car

Here’s a somewhat closer view of the Sandias than last week’s post, with a tiny tram car in the upper left. I took this photo about a month and a half ago, when the high Sandias were quite a bit more colorful than they are now.

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