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Los Brazos in Fall

Part of Los Brazos, seen from above during the fall

I suppose it’s possible that there’s some part of New Mexico that’s not beautiful this time of the year, but I definitely haven’t noticed it yet. This is a view of Los Brazos from above, taken a couple of weeks ago.

Sandia Aspens in Fall

Sandia Aspens in Fall

Turning aspens along Ellis Trail last weekend. I love the way their leaves shimmer and dance.

The Tiniest Hint of Fall

Pecos River, Early Fall

I think I can say with confidence that fall is coming unusually late to New Mexico this year. I took this photo of the Pecos River from the old bridge at Tererro just a few days ago. As you can see, the aspens are just starting to turn — and that was true across the board in that part of the Pecos Wilderness.

El Malpais on the Cusp

Fall Blooms at El Malpais

And just like that, summer became fall last week. That I saw this blast of color at El Malpais is, well, surprising — most of the landscapes I’ve seen there are either bland or downright scary; almost never colorful.

Russian “Olives”

Russian Olives

They aren’t actually olives, but they are on a Russian olive tree in the Rio Grande bosque. Alas, probably the last of the fall colors.

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