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Old Town Capilla

Capilla de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

I really love this little chapel in Old Town Albuquerque. I’ve seen it at many different times, in many different light conditions, but I’ve never seen it look quite like this. It seems perfect for Easter.

Lovin’ Lichen

Heart-Shaped Lichen

Heart-shaped lichen for Valentine’s Day. Hope you’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone (or, as in the case of lichens, something) you love.

Old Town Christmas, 2020

Old Town Christmas, 2020

It was hard to figure out what image to use for this week. On the one hand, I wanted to show the magical beauty of a New Mexican Christmas Eve and on the other, I wanted to show the reality of this year’s Christmas Eve. Which didn’t feel very magical at all.

I split the difference with this series of photos. The middle photo is from 2017 and shows a water bottle tree that’s been in the Patio Market courtyard many years … but not 2020. The Old Town merchants must’ve all agreed, along with the city and the church, not to do luminarias this year (or perhaps the city or state mandated that). Whichever, there were no luminarias in Old Town. If it had been as crowded as it usually is on Christmas Eve, it would’ve been a super-spreader event for sure, so I’m glad that people stayed away for that reason. At the same time, all the warmth and good will of Christmas Eve was completely missing. I took photos of luminarias in a nearby neighborhood, and a few of us said “Merry Christmas” to each other through our masks … but it was really quite subdued.

The photo on the left shows two signs at the entrance to the Patio Market courtyard (the lower one reads “Please keep a thoughtful distance while shopping”), and the photo on the right shows one of the few Christmas decorations I noticed in Old Town before it got dark. I thought it was both clever and pathetic.

Which is how Christmas Eve felt to me on the whole: a pale, pathetic facsimile of the real deal. Maybe next year.

Tumbleweed Snowman

Tumbleweed Snowman

No holiday season, not even in 2020, would be complete without the I-40 tumbleweed snowman in Albuquerque. This year the snowman has a mask. But of course — he’s in a very high-traffic area. 🙂

Christmas Eve 2019

Christmas Eve Luminarias

One of my very favorite days (or perhaps I should say evenings), this year Christmas Eve washed out completely in a steady rain that began this afternoon. I confess I didn’t even try to go out and take photos — luminarias, made from brown paper lunch bags and votive candles, just don’t do that well in the rain. So I’m offering a photo I took 12 years ago, on Christmas Eve of 2007.

I wish you and yours warm, dry, happy and safe holidays!

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