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Fogon Canyon Corral in Fall

Fogon Canyon Corral

The Fogon Canyon Corral, in the Jemez, is one of the most interesting places ever. It’s an old corral that used the tuff wall of the canyon as one side of the corral. I somehow managed to get there at the peak of the fall colors this year.

Aspens and Tent Rocks

Aspens and Jemez Tent Rocks

They aren’t the official tent rocks of the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, simply a few of the many generic tent rocks dotted all over the Jemez, with an accompaniment of yellow aspens.

Globemallow Flowers and Buds

Globemallow Flowers and Buds

A sure sign that fall is on its way: globemallow flowers and buds by the roadside in the Jemez. The purple background is one of the largest clusters of desert 4 o’clocks I’ve ever seen.

Jemez Sunflowers

Jemez: San Diego Canyon with Sunflowers

An approaching thunderstorm threatens late summer sunflowers in the Jemez.

The East Fork in Valle Grande

East Fork in Valles Caldera

Another view of the East Fork, this time as it crosses under the road into Valles Caldera. The tiny dots in that sliver of light in the background are elk.

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