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Jemez Grotto

Jemez Grotto

I’m guessing I’ve walked past these rocks in the Jemez dozens of times but I never really noticed them until last week. I think it was because it was cloudy. I can’t say it’s generally all that sunny when I hike in the area (it’s often overcast), but since either rain or hail are usually coming out of the sky (not to mention lightning), I’ve never taken the time to explore before. It was so dark and moist there I wasn’t completely sure I was still in New Mexico!

Gilman Tunnels

Gilman Tunnels

There was some kind of magic afoot when I visited the Gilman tunnels a couple of weeks ago. It’s generally really hard to get this kind of shot, looking out from one tunnel through the other. Usually there’s a car parked between the tunnels, or people walking up the road, or just wonky light. This time, though, conditions were perfect — including the angle of the sun, more to the north than it is any other time of year.

The tunnels were built about 100 years ago for a logging railroad.

Only in New Mexico

Upside down federal government sign

On the scale of things we say “only in New Mexico” about, this upside-down governmental sign ranks pretty low. Even so, only in New Mexico.

Old Jemez Car

Old Car, Jemez

I love the way the rust on the car is the same color as the surrounding terrain. It’s as if it’s become part of the landscape and the landscape has become part of it.

Christmas Eve

Jemez Luminarias

Christmas Eve — that most magical of evenings in New Mexico. Wishing you a warm, safe, and happy holiday season!

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