Category: Landscapes

Fall Reflections, 2022 Edition

Tingley Beach Pond with Fall Reflections

Yellow cottonwoods are reflected in one of the ponds at Tingley Beach (Albuquerque).

Jemez River in Fall

Jemez River in Fall

Backlit cottonwoods glow along the Jemez River as it runs through San Diego Canyon.

Fall Aspens, 2022 Edition

Large Aspen Stand, Northern New Mexico

A large stand of yellow aspens north of Chama. I love the pattern their thin white trunks create.

Del Agua Overlook, 2022 Edition

Del Agua Overlook, 2022

Fall in the Sandias started right on schedule. This was the scene at Del Agua Overlook last Saturday.

Late Summer Wildflowers, 2022 Edition

Flower-Covered Hillside in Late Summer

The Sandias were covered with colorful wildflowers for about three or four weeks at the very end of the summer. This hillside had one of the prettiest displays.

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