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View from Ojito Wilderness

Nacimientos from Ojito Wilderness

I think of this view as showing the southern end of the Nacimiento mountains — but I might be wrong about that. It might better be characterized as the northern end of the Jemez’s characteristic red rocks and land. Either way, I love the mix of colors and land types in it.

New Year’s Day Sunset

New Year's Day Sunset

The new year brought us rain, snow, and some lovely clouds over the Sandias this evening.

San Lorenzo Canyon

San Lorenzo Canyon in Fall

I went down to San Lorenzo Canyon a few weeks back, when the cottonwoods were still yellow, and captured as many photos as I could.

Fall in the High Sandias

High Sandias in fall with a tiny tram car

Here’s a somewhat closer view of the Sandias than last week’s post, with a tiny tram car in the upper left. I took this photo about a month and a half ago, when the high Sandias were quite a bit more colorful than they are now.

Rio Grande Bosque in Fall

Rio Grande Bosque in Fall

The Rio Grande flows through a bosque filled with yellow cottonwoods, with the Sandia Mountains in the background.

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