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Late Summer Wildflowers

Purple Asters with a background of Fetid Goosefoot

Mother Nature’s late-summer wildflower display in the Sandia mountains has been quite spectacular this year.

Meadow with Wildflowers

Meadow with Wildflowers

A meadow high in the Sandias, covered with wildflowers.

Buck Deer With Velvet Antlers

Buck Deer With Velvet Antlers

About a month ago, I ran into three buck deer in my favorite meadow in the Sandias. I wondered if they might represent three different generations of the same family, since they were all different sizes. They were very patient with me and let me hang around for almost five minutes before they took off. This was the largest of them.

These are some of the photos of the meadow that I’ve posted previously (they’re all remarkably similar):

Sunflower Season, 2022 Edition

Sunflower Season

I’ve never met a sunflower I didn’t absolutely love. It’s been a great year for them.

Rio Chama Overlook, 2022 Edition

Rio Chama Overlook

One of New Mexico’s most iconic scenes. I’ve taken countless photos but stop each time I’m there to take yet another.

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