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Albuquerque Petroglyphs

Petroglyphs, West Side of Albuquerque

Albuquerque’s west side features numerous petroglyphs pecked into basalt by ancient Puebloans hundreds of years ago. Many, such as these, are officially part of the Petroglyph National Monument; others are protected by the city.

Comin’ Round the Mountain

Cumbres & Toltec Steam Train

The Cumbres & Toltec steam train coming around a curve in the tracks just north of Chama.

Valles Caldera: Barn and Corral

Barn and Corral at Valles Caldera

I realized when I was up at Valles Caldera last week that it’s been ten years since the Las Conchas fire, which was, up until that point, New Mexico’s largest wildfire. I could never have imagined that the area would be so very green just a single decade later. It’s true that we’ve had an unusually large amount of rain this summer, but still — it’s pretty amazing.

Some of my Jemez posts from the summer of 2011:

Ojito Wilderness Sandcastles

Ojito Wilderness Sandcastles

Mounds of striated rock in the Ojito Wilderness look like leftover sandcastles from long, long ago.

Fading Sunflower

Fading Sunflower

I’ve always loved sunflowers (I may have mentioned this before, possibly ad infinitum) but I’ve developed a bit of an obsession the last couple of years with those that are on their way out. They exude happiness (at least to my eyes), even as they fade.

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