Category: Sandias

Sandia Aspens in Fall

Sandia Aspens in Fall

Turning aspens along Ellis Trail last weekend. I love the way their leaves shimmer and dance.

American Snout Butterfly

American Snout

I’d never even heard of an American Snout until a few weeks ago. Days after I first saw a picture of one, I got a chance to take my own photo. Its snout is quite charming.

Sandia Meadow with Wildflowers

Meadow filled with sunflowers and coneflowers

Sunflowers and coneflowers fill a meadow in the Sandia mountains.

Rock Garden, 2021 Edition

Rock garden with coral bells and lichens

Wild coral bells growing from granite with lichens, high in the Sandias.

Wiedemeyer’s Admiral Butterfly

Wiedemeyer's Admiral

Well, it’s just about the wettest summer I can ever remember here in the Albuquerque area, and the wildflowers and butterflies are loving it. So am I, for that matter! I happened upon a Wiedemeyer’s Admiral last week with its wings closed and jumped at the chance to get a photo. (The last time I had the opportunity was about six years ago.)

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