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Cholla Blossoms and Bee

Cholla Blossoms with Bee

As a general rule, bees really love cholla buds and blossoms. It was a good year for both.

Male Collared Lizard

Male Collared Lizard

As I started up part of the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) a few weeks ago, the thought crossed my mind, “I wonder if I’ll see a collared lizard today.” I have no idea why I thought that but bam! An hour or so later, I saw one. Then, perhaps 30-40 minutes after that, I saw a second collared lizard — this one — who actually posed for me. Both were extra-colorful males.

Ocotillo Blossoms

Ocotillo Blossoms

While ocotillos aren’t native to central New Mexico, they bloomed quite spectacularly here this year anyway.

Western Tanager, 2022 Edition

Male Western Tanager

A male western tanager, high in the Sandia mountains.

Banana Yucca Blossoms

Banana Yucca

One of the prettiest banana yuccas I’ve ever seen.

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