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Rio Chama and Sunflowers

Rio Chama and Sunflowers

Late summer sunflowers overlook the Rio Chama near Abiquiu.

Mother Nature’s Botanic Garden

Whipple’s penstemons, with a background of nodding groundsel and some red berries whose name I don’t know, beckoned to me (and my camera) a couple of weeks ago in the high Sandias. Most of the wildflowers were gone when I was up there today — it’s definitely starting to feel like fall there.

Pink/Purple Mariposa Lily

Pink/Purple Mariposa Lily

Probably the most beautiful mariposa lily I have ever seen. Usually they are white or pale pink. I have never seen one this color outside of Valles Caldera (in the Jemez).

San Antonio Valle

San Antonio Creek

Part of the San Antonio Valle at Valles Caldera, and its eponymous creek.

Bluebird at Valles Caldera

Bluebird on corral fence at Valles Caldera

I call him the bluebird of suspicion because he really didn’t want me to get very close. Nonetheless, I was able to sneak up on him, kinda sorta.

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