East Fork: Hidden Valley

East Fork in Hidden Valley

Long, long ago, a friend and I found a way to get to the East Fork of the Jemez from Valles Caldera, but for years, I had no idea how we’d actually gotten there. I finally found the way again about a year ago and have gone back several times this summer.

I would say this is a particularly beautiful part of the East Fork … except for the fact that there’s no place along the East Fork that isn’t absolutely gorgeous.

Summer Thunder and Dust Storm

Summer Dust Storm, Northwestern New Mexico

Coming home through Shiprock about a week and a half ago, the weather looked so threatening to the south that I abandoned my plan to take the easy, good-weather way home. Instead, I took the longer way — down Highway 491, through the Navajo Nation to Gallup — so I could capture a few photos of the weather drama. I realize most folks would try to avoid the bad weather … but I’m a photographer, and therefore not entirely normal.

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