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Monsoon Season in the Jemez

Monsoon Season in the Jemez

Storm clouds moving in over the red rocks across from Walatowa Visitor Center (Jemez Pueblo).

East Fork Coneflowers

Coneflowers along the East Fork of the Jemez

Coneflowers along the East Fork of the Jemez. There were gazillions of wildflowers there a few weeks ago.

Rock Garden, 2021 Edition

Rock garden with coral bells and lichens

Wild coral bells growing from granite with lichens, high in the Sandias.

Valles Caldera: Barn and Corral

Barn and Corral at Valles Caldera

I realized when I was up at Valles Caldera last week that it’s been ten years since the Las Conchas fire, which was, up until that point, New Mexico’s largest wildfire. I could never have imagined that the area would be so very green just a single decade later. It’s true that we’ve had an unusually large amount of rain this summer, but still — it’s pretty amazing.

Some of my Jemez posts from the summer of 2011:

Wiedemeyer’s Admiral Butterfly

Wiedemeyer's Admiral

Well, it’s just about the wettest summer I can ever remember here in the Albuquerque area, and the wildflowers and butterflies are loving it. So am I, for that matter! I happened upon a Wiedemeyer’s Admiral last week with its wings closed and jumped at the chance to get a photo. (The last time I had the opportunity was about six years ago.)

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